The Mountains are calling

Autumn in the Lakes

Autumn may be about to give way to Winter so there is not much time left to enjoy Autumn in the Lakes. This picture was taken on a standard mobile phone on Sunday afternoon between the shows how easy great images are to get when the scenery is this good.

The Lake District still holds on to the wonderful seasonal colors in mid November and the crisp cold days are perfect for exploring the high fells before the snow and ice make an appearance. Dont forget the short days and get caught out in the dark as always happens to the unlucky or unprepared at this time of year.

If your love of the hills and all things mountain this time of year has a real treat for all enthusiast with the Kendal Mountain Festival which takes place from the 15th to 18th of November. There is way too much going to be able to list here but if you visit the Lakes for adventure, hills, mountainous landscape or the outdoor life there will be plenty for you in Kendal next weekend.

You can see the program here

The wonderful Lake District is inspiration enough for most adventures in any season but this autumn as the nights get longer and the rain becomes (even) more regular check out the Kendal Mountain Festival for the most inspirational weekend of the year


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